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We are a veteran owned small business serving the Gilmer, Longview and Tyler areas. Soft wash and power wash cleaning service specializing in the removal of chemical and biological discolorations from commercial and residential buildings exteriors, concrete and asphalt driveways, and industrial and agricultural equipment.

Environmental Impact

All Federal, State, and Local Guidelines concerning cleaning chemicals coming off your property, vary greatly. Enforcement can be strict to almost non-existent. Fines can be thousands of dollars!! These fines are levied at the home-owner, not the cleaning contractor!

As part of our standard practice. 1st Choice Solutions will cover storm drains and recover the majority of cleaning chemicals before it reaches the storm drains. Our goal is to keep our steams and lakes chemical-free and protect our customers from enforcement actions.   


What our customers are saying

I can't believe how clean my driveway looked after just a few hours! We have a large post oak in the front yard that shades most of the driveway. I honesty did not know it was that dirty!

John Duke - Gilmer TX

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